Corporate Social Responsibility


Hampshire & CSR

Hampshire Hotels places high priority on Corporate Social Responsibility. Hampshire finds it important that we together ensure that the earth is treated in the best way possible and can be passed on to future generations as healthy as possible. That is why Hampshire is also working together with Natuurmonumenten to protect nature. Hampshire has a sustainable purchasing policy. All Hampshire Hotels have a Green Key or are working towards this.

Hampshire & Green Key

Green Key is the international quality mark for companies in the tourism and recreation sector, and in the market for meeting and congress locations, that are seriously and measurably involved with sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and care for the environment within the hotel and in the surrounding nature. Green Key guarantees that the company does more for the environment than required by legislation and regulations. For Hampshire the Green Key is a means to communicate the sustainable image of a company to its guests, governments and business relations. Click here for further information about Green Key.


Hampshire & sustainable purchasing

Everything that is purchased by the hotels is subject to various requirements. All paper is provided with the ECF/TCF quality mark, use is made of sustainable dairy products and we use local products and dishes from the region.

A number of qualitymarks that Hampshire Hotels have:

Fair Trade
Fair Trade promotes honest trade between producers and consumers on the basis of mutual respect, for the benefit of both parties. Fair Trade is mainly active in developing countries. By participating in Fair Trade, producers in these countries are guaranteed an honest price for the work that they do. Click here to go to the website.

European Organic quality mark
The required European Bio quality has been on packaged organic produce since 1 July 2010. The presence of this quality mark guarantees that the organic origin of the product has been checked.

EKO quality mark
If a product has the EKO quality mark it means that this product meets the EU regulation for organic production methods.Please read more about this hallmark here.

UTZ Certified
This is a programme and hallmark for sustainable agriculture that leads to sustainable products.�The hallmark belongs to a foundation that has the objective of making sustainable agriculture the norm by implementing a world-wide certification standard and offering tracing services for professional, social and environmentally-friendly production and product sourcing.Click for further information.

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